Warframe kuva lich

Not to mention my lich is rank 5 and hits like a truck. It makes it all very simple. Your lich will just walk round in circles, enemies won't target you Just use it on the lich and the dmg you take is far less than before.

Also his 4 keeps other enemies busy. Makes the hunt much more enjoyable. Also gives a reason to do your weekly Clem assists missions. Something tells me, and I don't mean it in any condescending way, that you are under geared. You can't be a glass cannon and build only for damage or for your abilities for your warframe. You need a certain amount of tankyness or at the very least, use a warframe that can mitigate damage damage reduction like gara, armor like cold chroma, invisibility like ash, etc.

You can complete the star chart with anything in the game, but somewhat "end game" content like kuva liches requires better builds. You could tell us what you are using and we can help you improve your build but liches are actually really easy for a lot of players most veterans so they are totally balanced.

Can you balance the level for enemies in lich zones affected by lich ranks it is almost impossible to kill my lich solo because every enemy is level 97 and every other enemy is lvland i cant even kill my lich because I get gunned down by every enemy. You are forced to join groups to do this. There is no other way around it unless you want to waste days and weeks to grind it out.

Kuva liches are deleted in two hours solo. You don't need a group, liches are absurdly easy at level 5. Frames like Oberon and Wisp can regenerate immense health amounts and outheal most damage taken. Ivara, Loki and ash, being invisible, are able to cheese the lich. Mag can be immortal if you time shield polarize with shield gating. Adaptation will help a lot in all aspects and greatly improves about half of these options.

You should build for CRIT. Lots, and lots, and lots, of crit. This because the lich is immune to status.

Warframe – Kuva Lich Guide

You should also bring viral and slash options for fodder enemies- this combination wrecks high level grineer. Bring a nice gun and you should be able to kill things even at 0 forma. I recommend also Carrier, for ammo management, since liches will eat up absurd amounts of bullets if your gear isn't modded right.

Alternatively, kitguns with pax charge help infinite battery ammo as well as Fulmin infinite ammo. Exalted weapons are also excellent. Mesa's peacemaker does not have a limit in ammo, and eats liches for breakfast. Mag with a crit Lanka and magnetize will wreck liches. We're talking between 1 and 3 hits on a level 5 lich can take a third of hp off of them. Neither are hard to get. Volt shields are amazing due to their increase for critting. Harrow will murder liches if build and used right - insane firerate, insane crit, and lifesteal will erase a lich in seconds with the right guns.To fight a Kuva Lich, the player must draw them out.

To do this, nodes that the Lich has influence over must be completed and their Thralls destroyed. A Lich will also have specific resistances and immunities that are unique to the player. The player will know a Lich is after them when an icon appears in the Navigation and Menu screens. This icon will appear beside the Nightwave button and will allow the player to check details about their Lich, including Lich Level, Requiem Mod attempts, and more.

Kuva Influence will be shown as a red cloud on the Navigation screen. It will start on one planet, clicking it in to view it will show which nodes the cloud is spreading over Nodes. These nodes will give the option to run the standard node mission, the Kuva Lich version, or any other active special version, such as Nightmares or Invasions.

Kuva Liches can have Influence over nodes under other faction's control, making the thrall mission become similar to Crossfire missions. All Defection missions in Lich controlled territories are changed to Exterminate missions.

Endless missions in Lich controlled territories only feature one "round", with Defense lasting five waves, Survival lasting five minutes before extraction is called, Interception lasts one wave, and Excavation requires Cryotic before extraction is called.

Only one Kuva Lich can be after the player at any time, so the current Lich must be defeated before a new one can be made by the player.

warframe kuva lich

To defeat a Lich, the player must use the Parazon with the correct Requiem mods. The Requiem Mods must be in the correct order to deliver the final blow. Other squad members can weaken a Lich, but only the player the Lich belongs to may kill it. Murmur progress; inner ring for Hint 1, middle ring for Hint 2, and outer ring for Hint 3. To find hints about the correct mods and combination the player will need to kill the Lich's Thralls. Any mission under a Lich's influence will spawn Thralls.

warframe kuva lich

Thralls will periodically spawn as the squad advances through the mission. Thralls are several levels higher than other enemies in the mission, are immune to most forms of crowd control, and can use their Lich's movement ability. Testing a Requiem Mod on a Lich also advances Murmur progress for the entire squad, roughly 10x more than a Thrall on average.

Each combination can only be tested against a Lich once to be awarded Murmurs, requiring players to change the combination for the next encounter.The Kuva Lich is a personalized high level mini-boss that only you can defeat. It drops rare ephemeras, powerful Kuva variant weapons or can be used to support you in random missions.

To defeat a Kuva Lich you need have equipped the correct 3 Requiem mods in the correct order on your Parazon. Every time you fail to defeat your Kuva Lich, it will get stronger. The Kuva Lich as a personalized enemy and the process of defeating it is something for your late game. You need to have proper builds to stand your ground against level enemies and the lich mini-boss. It is helpful to view creating and defeating multiple Kuva Liches as a long term veteran project.

You can also just jump into my youtube video if you want to skip all the reading. The first requirement before you can start your hunt for a Kuva Lich is to make sure you have finished the War Within quest. Best pick a capture or exterminate mission on Sedna or Saturn that is not a sortie, fissure mission or a currently active questline.

Before you start on your mission you should consider the warframe you want to bring to the mission.

warframe kuva lich

The warframe that kills the Kuva Larvling decides the additional elemental damage of the weapon the Kuva Lich will drop as well as the elemental for the ephemeria once defeated. The presence of a Kuva Larvling will be announced by a small flash and dialog in the lower right of your screen. Next you have to to find it and kill it. You will be rewarded with Kuva and can now decide if you really want to spawn your lich. For you first Kuva Lich there is not much to decide but for later Kuva Liches you should look at the weapon your lich will own.

If you decide not to spawn a lich that larvling will disappear after some time. If you decided to spawn a lich you will see a short animation and the real fun begins. You can also trade a Kuva Lich from another tenno. Every Kuva Lich can be traded when you decide to Convert the lich instead of killing it. I will get into more details about that further down in this guide. The reason why players trade for a Kuva Lich can be the acquisition of a Kuva variant weapon they currently not own or a visible ephemera on the Kuva Lich.

To be able to conduct the trade at least one of trading partner needs to be in a clan that has constructed a Crimson Branch room in its dojo.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Warframe Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

Kuva Lich/Strategy

This item is incompatible with Warframe. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Warframe. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. The following guide provides very short information on the procedure of trading Kuva Liches.

warframe kuva lich

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Jodyxe Offline. Guide Index. Kuva Lich Trading Guide. If you did enjoy this guide, make sure to check out the other ones I have made for Warframe! I appreciate your feedback and comments! Byeforever 13 Dec, pm. WHAT, so ephemeras get dropped even if you convert them? Nice to know, I had no idea and already have 2 ephemeras at this point.

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All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.The Kuva Lich is a new enemy in Warframe.

They are difficult to kill, you are the only Tenno who can kill you own Kuva Lich, and you will need the new Parazon weapon to do it. To find a Kuva Lich, you must first kill a Kuva Larvling. I just ran the Capture mission at Cassini until one appeared. You will also need to have completed The War Within, as it is a prerequisite for the Kuva Lich based content.

The Kuva Larvling will spawn into your mission as you play and will have a red waypoint on the screen. Just follow the waypoint, kill the Larvaling, and then your Kuva Lich will be created in retaliation. You can then finish out the mission as usual. When you have finished the mission and are back on your ship, the Lich will start to talk to you. Your Lich is unique, with its own name, stats, and weapon. To fight your Kuva Lich, you must draw them out.

You do this by doing missions in Nodes that the Lich has influence, and by destroying their Thralls. Killing the Thralls using the Parazon will give you clues on the correct order of Requiem mods that you need to kill your Lich. Your Lich will also have specific resistances and immunities, that are unique to you. You will know a Lich is after you when an icon appears in your Navigation and Menu screens. The icon will appear beside the Nightwave button and will allow you to check details about your Lich, including Lich Level, Requiem Mod Attempts, and more.

Kuva Influence will be shown as a red cloud on your Navigation. It will start one destination, and when you click in to view it, you will see which Nodes the cloud is spreading over. The Lich will steal parts of your loot! The good news is, once you kill the Lich, all that loot is returned to you. These Nodes will give you the option to run the standard Node mission, the Kuva Lich version, or any active special version, such as Nightmares or Invasions.


Only one Kuva Lich can be after you at one time, so you need to kill them outright to get a new one. To kill a Lich, you need to use your new Parazon with Requiem mods. The Requiem Mods form a sort of puzzle and must be in the correct order to deliver the killing blow. Your squad can weaken the Lich, but only you may kill it.

To do this, play the special missions on the Nodes where the Lich has influence. As you play, Thralls will spawn. Fight them as usual, then when they fall over with the red symbol above them, run up and interact with them to delivery the Secret Mercy Finisher. This will get you a Requiem Murmur. You need to kill the Thralls, and clear the Nodes, to progress towards figuring out which Requiem Mod combination will prove fatal to your Lich.

Thralls seem to be quiet common; I had 9 of them spawn in one Extermination mission. As the Requiem Murmurs build up, they will reveal one of the Requiem Mods that you need to kill your Lich. You will need to figure out the order, so you can either wait until you know all three, or you can do some trial and error when your Kuva Lich arrives in your missions. Failed attempts to kill the Lich will result in the laughing at you and leaving the mission.

They will also level up from it, becoming stronger. Another aspect to consider is that as the Lich grows more powerful, they will become harder and harder to kill. When you finally find the right combination of Mods, you will have two choices.

You can kill the Kuva Lich, or decide to Convert it. Killing it will get you a Kuva Weapon while Converting it will turn it to your side, and it can appear in fights beside you.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Warframe Store Page. Global Achievements. I heard they had some pretty funny names, so I was pretty excited to see what I'd get. Can't help but feel a bit awkward with the one I got. Showing 1 - 15 of 31 comments. Originally posted by GunsForBucks :.

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All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Even though the Kuva Lich is based on the Grineer faction, your personal rival is spiked with Kuva and therefor super tough, strong and smart.

Even though the whole creating, searching and killing of your own Kuva Lich is fairly complicated and grindy, the content is really fun and will present new challenges. This article will guide you through the whole process and explain in detail how you actually start on your own Kuva Lich, what you should look out for and how you can either kill or convert your archenemy in the end.

Follow the new red quest marker, kill the Larvling and finish the mission. In retaliation to your actions a Kuva Lich will be created. From now on your own Lich will talk to you between missions and even during missions. Every Kuva Lich has a completely unique name, a unique weapon and unique stats, all based on the Warframes and weapons you use.

From now on your Kuva Lich will also start stealing parts of your loots and rewards, which can be resources, Credits, mods, Endo or even relics. If you decide to kill your Lich in the end you will get all those rewards back. From this point forward you do have a few different approaches to follow, but we recommend starting with grinding for the Requiem Relics, opening them and getting a few Parazon mods before you actually start hunting your archenemy.

We will explain which mods you need further down this article, but for now you need to know that those special mods only drop from opening the Requiem Relics. To farm those special relics you need to finish Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood missions. Those are special missions that appear on planets close to the Kuva Fortress.

Those relics are basically the same as the normal relics, but instead of dropping prime parts they will give you the following:. As with all the other relics you can also upgrade the Requiem Relics by using Void Traces and refine them from intact to exceptional, flawless or radiant, changing the drop chance for the rare rewards accordingly.

To open a relic you have to join a Requiem Fissure scroll down your Fissure tab to find the mission and equip your relic. Gather ten reactants, finish the mission and pick your reward — you know the drill!

Now begins the information gathering on your Kuva Lich, because in order to finish them off later on you need to know which three of the eight mods you need to use on your Parazon — and in which order. To gather that information you basically have two possible ways. These are basically lackeys of your Lich and will appear in any mission node that your Lich has influence on.

To find one of these missions simply head into your Star Chart and find planets with an unusual red mist. It is important to note that those missions can be really hard and usually feature enemies with a level of 65 toso you really want to bring strong weapons and Warframes.

Complete Kuva Lich guide, find & defeat in Warframe

Depending on what you use during those missions your Lich will adapt and change, so you might want to think about that as well. For now just do the mission and kill every Thrall you encounter they will be marked with a special red maker! Keep on killing Thralls until you know all three Requiem Mods needed and you can finally start hunting and killing your Kuva Lich.

The second idea is to simply enrage your Lich by killing Thralls and finishing missions under the influence of the boss until you fully filled the bar check the Kuva Lich Profile page for the rage bar. The higher the rage of your Kuva Lich is, the more likely it is for the Lich to randomly appear during one of the Kuva Lich missions. If your Lich appears you can attack him with your weapons, destroy their shields and the first health bar and quickly rush towards the Kuva Lich and use your action button.

Your Warframe will quickly switch to the Parazon and attempt to kill your archenemy. If you have the wrong mod equipped, the Kuva Lich will kill you and vanish for this mission. So you can basically start guessing which mods you need for the first, second and third mod slot and eventually kill the boss enemy.

Destroy his shields and first health bar, use your action button before they regenerate and then kill the second health bar. Use your action button again and finally destroy the third health bar. So you basically have decide if you rather have a strong ally fighting by your side from time to time or rather get the rewards.

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