Zinc 50 mg

Meet elder — also known as Sambucus — a plant that is trending upward in the holistic health community. Minerals play a role in every single part of our body, including regulating our heartbeat, carrying oxygen, and building strong bones and teeth. Earn up to Puritan's Perks points.

zinc 50 mg

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Zinc is an essential nutrient that supports the health and integrity of the skin. As we move past the physical barriers of the body, we see zinc has many important roles to play inside the body.

Zinc is essential for cell division, which is important for daily maintenance and repair but becomes especially important for rapidly dividing immune cells multiplying to meet the demands of the immune system. Antioxidants fight free radicals to help promote overall health. Smoking, pollution, the sun and regular body functions like metabolism can all cause free radicals.

More importantly, your body can produce heightened amounts of free radicals during stages of the innate immune response. Antioxidants like zinc help to protect your cells from free radicals.

Zinc has become the best-known mineral for supporting immune health. If dietary zinc intake is insufficient, the body will break down zinc-containing enzymes it deems less essential to release the zinc so it can be used for more critical functions.

Zinc is found mostly in meat and seafood, particularly oysters and mollusks. If oysters-on-the-half-shell are not part of your daily diet, zinc is also found to some extent in poultry and dairy.

Since zinc is mostly found in animal products, vegetarians can have a difficult time getting adequate amounts of zinc through diet alone.Stop Use Indications: Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Health Concern: Immune System Support. Active Ingredient Name: Zinc. Dosage: 50mg. Instructions: WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, have any medical condition or are planning surgery, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

Zinc is required for me due to diabetic and other issues by several of my doctors since the early s. I had to order online instead of from the Walmart store that had none. You might think that 50mg zinc tablets are pretty fungible, but it turns out that they are not. These have smoother coating and an oddly pleasant smell in comparison to other zinc tablets. These go down pretty easily, while other products are like swallowing a small piece of chalk that wants to stick to your tongue.

She wanted higher dosage, mg tablet a day but will need doctor 's prescription, and go throught the Plan D. I do not know the effect yet as this is all still initial order.

Since starting a Veganish lifestyle my Doctor recommended that I start taking extra supplements. I say Veganish since I'm not sure if these would be considered Vegan. I have only been using this Zinc for about 2 weeks so can't really say if it has made a difference or not but I'm sure its helping fulfill some of the deficiency I may be lacking. They are small and easy to swallow and take 1 per day. They are a great supplement, have been taking for over 10 years, have not found a replacement that I prefer.

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Learn More or Sign In. Thanks to Piping Rock, the nutritional benefits of zinc are easier to attain than ever!

Zinc 50 mg Tablets

Our Chelated Zinc Gluconate 50 mg is specially-engineered for easy absorption. Zinc helps to support peak immune system function, but also plays a role in skin health, reproductive health, collagen production, bone health and more.

Piping Rock Chelated Zinc Gluconate 50 mg makes zinc supplementation fast, easy and affordable -- plus, we bring this special zinc formulation right to your door!

The beauty lies in the depth of our assortment. We offer capsules, powders, softgels, liquids, organic formulas and much more. Our products are stacked with premium ingredients, sourced from all over the globe. Our robust product line is evolving every day to meet your wellness needs! Each product goes through hundreds of checks, in-process and post-production.

We guarantee purity, potency, safety and innovation in everything we do. Logo Pipingrock Rewards. Chelated Zinc Gluconate50 mg, Tablets.

Chelated Zinc Gluconate is rated 4. You can add an item to cart by clicking on the button Quantity: Add to cart. Limit: 2 Per Order. No Gluten. Directions: For adults, take 1 tablet daily, preferably with a meal. Taking zinc on an empty stomach may cause stomach upset in some people.A milligram dose of zinc exceeds the tolerable upper intake level for zinc for every age group, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. Unless your doctor has specifically instructed you to take this dose, you should not take milligram zinc supplements.

If your doctor has instructed you to take a zinc dosage this high, then it's your doctor whom you should consult regarding the duration of your supplement use. Your doctor knows your specific health history and can better advise you. Exceeding the tolerable upper limit for zinc, or any nutrient, can lead to adverse effects.

Zinc is an essential trace mineral. This means that it is essential for life, but only in very minute quantities. Zinc deficiency is an important health issue in developing nations. In severe cases, zinc deficiency can retard growth and lead to nutritional dwarfism, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. Zinc deficiency can also lead to skin rashes, diarrhea, immune dysfunction, night blindness and decreased taste sensation. Even mild zinc deficiencies can impair physical and neuropsychological development in young children and make them more vulnerable to dangerous infections.

Although zinc is an important mineral, it should be taken conservatively. Some people take zinc lozenges as a cold remedy, but accurate dosages for this use have not been scientifically established. Acute toxicity from exposure to high levels of zinc can cause pain, diarrhea and vomiting. Consuming too much zinc can also result in deficiencies in copper, another trace mineral.

According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, the recommended daily amount of zinc for babies from birth to 6 months is 2 milligrams. For children 7 months to 3 years of age the recommended amount is 3 milligrams; for 4 to 8 years, it's 5 milligrams; and from 9 to 13 years, it's 8 milligrams. For non-pregnant and non-breastfeeding females between the age of 14 and 18, the recommended daily amount of zinc is 9 milligrams, and from 19 years and older it's 8 milligrams.

For pregnant teens the recommended amount is 12 milligrams. For breastfeeding teens the recommended amount is 13 milligrams. For pregnant women the recommended amount is 11 milligrams, and for breastfeeding women it's 12 milligrams. For men above the age of 18 the recommended amount is 11 milligrams. Unless you are under a doctor's instructions to do otherwise, your intake of zinc should not exceed the following amounts.

From birth to 6 months of age the tolerable upper limit for zinc is 4 milligrams. From 7 to 12 months, it's 5 milligrams. From 1 to 3 years, it's 7 milligrams. From 4 to 8 years, it's 12 milligrams. From 9 to 13 years, it's 23 milligrams. From 14 to 18 years, it's 34 milligrams. For adults, the tolerable upper limit for zinc is 40 milligrams per day. Nutrition Nutrition Basics Vitamins and Supplements.

zinc 50 mg

By Charis Grey. Charis Grey. For 15 years, Charis Grey's award-winning work has appeared in film, television, newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. Oysters provide a safe source of zinc.Zinc promotes healthy skin, supports normal taste and vision, and is involved in the synthesis of collagen in bone tissue. As a dietary supplement for adults, take one 1 tablet daily, preferably at mealtime, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if outer bottle seal is missing, torn or damaged in any way.

zinc 50 mg

Our ongoing mission is to create the finest nutritional supplements in small batches, made possible through tireless research, using only the finest raw materials. It has been our guiding principle since and is deeply ingrained in every step we take. Zinc 50 mg Tablets. Suggested Use. Supplement Facts. Additional Product Information. Warnings If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement.

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Top answers from doctors based on your search:. Took mg zinc for cold, thought I was taking 25mg tablets but they were How much zinc for over dose? Mark Fisher answered. Zinc for cold? Read More. Send thanks to the doctor. Get help now: Ask doctors free Personalized answers.

Talk to a doctor Unlimited visits. What happens if you get too much zinc? Heidi Fowler answered. Other problems can arise with chron What can be done when too much zinc is ingested? Michael Dansie answered. Call poison control: For specific questions about ingestion of medications, i would call poison control at Is it possible to have too much zinc from diet alone? Gurmukh Singh answered. Unlikely: Zinc is a trace element in normal foods.

How many 50 mg diphenhydramine is too much? Susumu Inoue answered. More than two: Do not take more than mg.

Spring Valley Zinc Caplets, 50 mg, 200 Ct

Is 50 mg zinc safe everyday for low testosterone? Louis Cady answered. Other sources, including Robert Kwok answered. No, that's typical: Adults typically can take to units a day of vitamin d, so iu per day sounds fine.Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing. Sodium Free. Suitable for Vegetarians. Bohemia NY U. Thank you for submitting your question. Our Customer Service team will begin to review your message and shall reach out to you should there be any questions.

It seems as though your information was not received. Please try again, and if you continue to have problems, contact consumer affairs at so we can help you. Thanks for your interest in our product. Buy Now. Zinc is a versatile mineral that supports antioxidant health and is important for immune function.

Zinc 50 mg

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